Sunday, October 25, 2009

Special Olympics Bowling, Family Bake-Off, Exchange Club Collection for Parent and Children’s Services

What a busy and exciting weekend! The first appearance of the day was at Spare Time Bowling Alley for the Special Olympics Bowling. After doing the opening ceremonies, Sarah and I spent time with the athletes, making sure everything went smoothly while they bowled. Once the two rounds were over, we got to hand out the awards. It was great to be able to congratulate the athletes for their hard work! What a great group of people I got to know--everyone was so kindhearted and friendly. Volunteering at the Special Olympics Bowling was very special for me because my older sister, Monica, is severely disabled. It meant a lot to me to see so many volunteers spending their Saturday with the athletes, cheering them on and making sure everyone had fun.

Next, we attended the Family Bake-Off at the Bristol Library. I loved tasting all the delicious desserts--especially the winning recipie of the day: Body Part Brownies! At the library, Trinette and her girl scout troope presented me with two bags full of soda tabs that she had saved up over the past couple of years. I'm so I'm off to a great start collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven.

After the Bake-Off, Sarah and I met up at Stop and Shop with members of the Exchange Club to help solicit the donations of baby products for the Parent and Children's Services of Bristol. This organization helps provide young and single parents with the necessary items to take care of their child. This is a truely worthy cause and I'm so happy that I could give some of my time to help out. I learned a lot from Mr. Bailey and the other volunteers. It is very inspirational how giving they are. I look forward to working with them again!
We returned to the bowling alley just in time to give out the awards to the second session of bowlers. I enjoyed making many new special friends --it was a great way to spend my Saturday!

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