Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bristol Pumpkin Festival

This weekend, I got to enjoy the Bristol Pumkin Festival. Despite the cold, there were lots of people there! There were so many beautifully carved pumpkins done by the local schools, businesses, and individuals. I got to judge the category of pumkins carved by individuals. I gave the Miss Bristol America award to a pumpkin painted in camoflague. It had peace signed carved for eyes, and the work "peace" as a was so creative! That pumpkin also won the Best Theme award. It was so hard to choose which pumpkin I liked the most--they were all great.
All the crowned titleholders got to lead the Costume Parade from the Manross Library down to the Pumpkin Festival. Soon after was a pet parade. Of course, the pets were dressed up in their Halloween costumes--it was adorable. The Best in Show award went to a dog who was dressed up as a lion. As the day ended, we got to see all the pumpkins lit up. Here are some pictures taken during the day:
With the Wicked Witch from Snow White
Me, Melissa, and Sarah

We got a picture with Micheal Jackson!

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