Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wild About Animals, Pre-Teen/Little Miss Bristol, Miss Wolcott

This weekend kicked off with an appearance at Imagine Nation Museum, where they had all kinds of animals, including goats, bunnies, birds, horses, and reptiles! Trinette I visited with all the animals and learned a lot about them. One of the rooms had an adult boa constricter...which I was conviced to take a picture with around my shoulders! It was so creepy! We spend the remaining time handing out pizza and drinks to the attendees. This was definitly a fun event to help out with and be a part of!

The next day was the Little Miss and Pre-Teen Miss Bristol pageant! Sarah and I emceed for the afternoon, which was definitly a fun experience (eventhough we were nervous!). Not to mention, Sarah and I coordinated our dresses perfectly by accident. The pageant was fantastic. All the girls did great and looked beautiful. I had so much fun asking the Little Miss Contestants their on-stage fishbowl questions, and it was great getting to know the Pre-Teen contestants back stage. At the end of the afternoon, Meredith Valley was crowned Little Miss Bristol 2010 and Brianna Beyers was crowned Pre-Teen Miss Bristol 2010. I can't wait to spend the year with them!

After a quick bite for dinner, we all went to the Miss Wolcott 2010 pageant. What a show--the contestants were very impressive and the performances by Studio 1 were great. Congratulations to Becky Albini, Miss Wolcott 2010, and Erin Ward, Miss Wolcott's Outstanding Teen 2010!

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