Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Last weekend started off with a visit to the Peter Frederick Salon of Bristol, who has generously offered their services to Sarah and me during our year. I got a trim and a little angle in the front of my hair. It was great talking to them, and I'm so appreciative that they are such a wonderful sponsor of the Miss Bristol Scholarship Organization.
I then met all the Bristol girls at Chippens Hill Middle School, where we stuffed bags with papers and goodies for hours. We must have done over a thousand bags! Luckily, there were many other volunteers there to help, and we made the experience into a fun time. I also received my order of Girl Scout Cookies from Tabitha...too bad I'll have to freeze mine until after Miss Connecticut!
The next day started at 8 am back at the middle school for the Shamrock Run. We set up our booth and chatted with a few runners, including Alyscia Talbot, before the race. The kids race was first. It was adorable to see kids of all ages running a lap around the school. Some of the participants were so young they had just gotten the hang of walking. Next was the 2 mile race, which went by very quickly. One the runners started pouring in, it was our job to take their name tag and in return give them a souvenir glass with a coupon for Rita's ice cream in it. There were so many runners that we had to set asside boxes of the glasses in order to ensure that we would have some for the 5 mile runners as well! While the 5 mile race took place, Sarah, Brianna, Meredith, and I took a picture with a giant Dunkin Donuts coffee cup on the back of a car. We didn't have much time before the 5 mile runners got back, so we quickly got back to work. All of the runners did a great job; they were also very friendly and excited to be handed souvenirs from the Miss Bristol Organization! We ran out of glasses, but luckily found one more to give to a 75 year old woman who had run the 5 miles. I was so impressed; I hope I will be able to run 5 miles when I am that age.
I returned to Bristol that evening for a Disney-themed fundraiser at St. Matthew's School. We all dressed as Disney princesses and greeted guests as they walked through the entrance. Thank you to Brittany Decker, who let me borrow one of her old dresses! It was a lot of fun, and many of Meridith's teachers commented on what a lovely young princess she was. We were soon joined by Sharalynn, Miss Connecticut. It was a very enjoyable and fun fundraiser, but we had to leave before it was over in order to attend the Little Miss Rocky Hill Pageant.
Trinette ran in the pageant, and did a fabulous job! I was so impressed by her confidence and poise on stage. Brittany Decker and Kate Ottavio emceed the event, and crowned 8 new titleholders. I was so glad to see so many young women participate in the Miss America Organization. It has so much to offer women of all ages, especially girls who can look up to the older titleholders and role models.
Sunday was another early start: we attended breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Sarah, Brianna, Meridith, and I helped kids decorate plastic Easter eggs with colored markers and glittery stickers. We made many new little friends, including a family with 8 children! Of course, we got a picture with the Easter Bunny before we left. Later that day Linda and I went to the American Legion of Wolcott for Heidi Voight's Talent Show. There were lots of veterans there, enjoying several performances. Miss Southington, Ashley Hayden, performed two numbers and did a beautiful job! A girl named Ariel also performed two dance numbers. I sang a classic french song titled "Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailles". I was so glad to be able to entertain those who have served our country as well as raise money for them. It was a very intimate event, and a truely pleasant atmosphere. Thank you Heidi Voight for hosting the talent show!

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