Sunday, March 28, 2010


March started off with a visit to Imagine Nation's new space exhibit, "Out of This World". Trinette and I had a great time and made friends with many of the brownie Girls Scouts who attended. John Sillasen gave an interesting presentation on how telescopes work. He explained that they are simply a series of mirror and magnifying glasses which focus the light into the eye of the telescope. I also got to go outside and take a look in a big telescopes which gave a great view of Mars. It was very visible, and could be distinguished from the stars because of its red tint.
A robotics team showed me how they programed a remote control Lego car to move in a specific direction. They could even make it back up or turn in a circle. Our night ended with a trip to the 3rd floor, which premiered a flight simulation exhibit. It was a dark circular room with several large television screens inside which showed a video of what it is like to travel into space. Once our simulation was over, Trinette and I got a picture with Buzz Lightyear! We were almost ready to head out, but first I had to get a picture inside the big bubble. Luckily, I didn't get soapy.
Linda and I got to talk to so many little girls and parents who were interested in our program. It was great getting to explain all the opportunities that I have received by being a titleholder, and how enriching the Diamond program is for girls who are interested in serving their communities.

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