Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Litchfield County

I spent Saturday attending the two Litchfield County pageants! The first one was Junior Miss Litchfield County, where Jordan Gauvin was crowned! I am so thrilled for Jordan. She competed in our Preteen Miss Bristol pageant, and she is truely a kind, friendly, and talented young lady. To fill in time, Linda and I had a delicious dinner at Olive Garden! We returned to the Thomaston Opera House in time to get great seats for the Miss Litchfield County pageant. The teens were first, and they did a spectacular job! Mary Ragaglia was named Miss Litchfield County's Outstanding teen. She had a beautiful voice and shone on stage throughout the night. Next was the Miss division. I was particularly excited to see many returning girls competing! After a tough competition, Cassandra Mastrianni was crowned Miss Litchfield County 2010. She sang a wonderful rendition of "Girl in 14G". She is certainly a talented, intelligent, and sweet young woman! I was so impressed with all the performances of not only the contestants, but the outgoing titleholders as well, Kirsten Yerger and Brittany Decker. They were lovely emcees for the earlier pageant, and I really enjoyed their farewell performances in the Miss pageant.

The most remarkable moment of the day was the tribute for Courtney Smith. Sarah, Linda, and I were bawling our eyes out as the girls on stage performed Courtney's talent song, "Imagine" by John Lennon. It was very touching to see how Courtney impacted so many people, even without knowing her for much time at all. She is truely missed by the pageant family, and the tribute was very special. Congratulations on a great was a day of pageantry at it's finest!

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